Training and other services to school, communities or organisations

DialogueWorks runs open and commissioned COURSES, and commissioned INSET (days, half-days, or shorter sessions), in: 

  • P4/wC (Philosophy for/with Children)
  • Philosophy for Communities (i.e. adults, young or older)
  • P4GC (Philosophy for Global Citizenship)
  • P4CC (Philosophy for Creative Curricula)
  • Personal and Social Philosophy (covering PLTS, SEAL and Citizenship)
  • Critical and Creative Thinking


The courses are SAPERE-validated at both Level 1 (Introductory - 2 days) and Level 2 (Developing Practice - 4 days, with option to do 2 days,  non-certificated). 



DateP4C CoursesVenueTutorsFlier

Fri/Sat 12/13 Nov

Level 1

MIC Centre, 81 – 103 Euston Rd, London NW1 2EZ

Roger Sutcliffe


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Fri/Sa 10/11 Sept and

Fri/Sat 26/27 Nov


Foxhill Conference Centre, Tarvin Rd, Frodsham, Cheshire WA6 6XB

Roger Sutcliffe & Barry Hymer

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What is Philosophy for/with Children?

It is an approach to learning and teaching that emphasizes the importance of enquiry & questioning skills, imaginative and meaningful dialogue, and careful reflection & reasoning.

Originating over 40 years ago in the USA, and now practiced in over 60 countries, it aims to improve the ability to think creatively, critically, caringly and collaboratively through well-guided discussion.

The positive effects of the approach have been well documented, and range from advanced cognitive skills to improved social, emotional and communicative skills.

Essentially, pupils ‘learn to learn' through P4/wC, making their learning meaningful and intrinsically desirable, rather than extrinsically motivated.

Beginning with dedicated sessions for one or two hours a week, the enquiry approach gradually permeates across the curriculum and throughout the school.

The teacher's role becomes that of facilitator – a ‘guide on the side, not a sage on stage' – and the class develops as a ‘community of enquiry': a group of people united in their desire to understand the world and each other more deeply.


INSET and other services to schools

Dialogue Works offers a variety of in-service training opportunities and other services.

Options include: 

·                     Introductions to P4/wC for groups of teachers and others - minimum 1.5 hours, maximum 6 hours (whole day, counting towards Level 1 certification, though with no obligation). If desired, these can focus on areas of special interest as listed above.

·                     Sessions of philosophical enquiry with pupils. Typically, a session is one hour, during which the teacher (and other interested colleagues) observe or help, and then we take private time, say 1/2 an hour, to review the session and discuss how to follow it up and plan for future sessions. 

·                     Thinking Days or Conferences for whole schools (primary) or year groups (secondary), which can be tailored to curriculum needs, e.g. introductions to Philosophy, or give young people an opportunity to break/think out of the curriculum, developing Creative and Critical Thinking.

·                     We can also work in the evening with parents (using the same classroom materials!).

·                     Ideally we follow up training with further school visits.  

If you are interested in commissioning a course or INSET, email us or phone 020 32 39 33 52 and leave a message.

Daily rates vary from £500 for small schools and standard commissions to £1000 for larger schools and special commissions.


What is Philosophy for Communities?

The 'community of enquiry' approach is also increasingly appreciated in adult contexts, both professional and recreational.

For instance, a Housing Association in Manchester has adopted it for better communication between its staff and with its clients, whilst in Liverpool it formed the basis for the popular PiPs (Philosophy in Pubs and Public Spaces) movement.

DialogueWorks would be delighted to facilitate ‘away days’ or recreational weekends for individuals or groups who want to think afresh, and engage in healthy and constructive dialogue. Convenient and comfortable can be arranged from pubs to hotels to well-being centres.

If you are interested in exploring possibilities, we suggest you email us and/or click here for your free subscription to DW Dispatches. We'll keep you up to date. You can stop mail from Dialogue Works at any time.



Level 1 Courses (Introductory)

Our Level 1 courses give educators the basic SAPERE-validated certificate in P4/wC.

The courses are relevant to colleagues in all phases interested in: 

·                     Teaching & Learning Strategies, esp. Enquiry-based Learning

·                     Creative Curricula

·                     Thinking Skills, esp. 4C Thinking (Critical, Creative, Caring and Collaborative)

·                     Oracy & Literacy

·                     Emotional Literacy

·                     Citizenship/Values Education, especially Global Citizenship

·                     Assessment for Learning

·                     Gifted & Talented

·                     Underachieving pupils  

What will participants gain from the course?

Through interactive workshops, course participants will:  

·         Learn practical ways of developing good thinking, questioning and communication skills in the learning environment

·         Understand the theory and practice of being a good facilitator of learning dialogue - how to develop the potential of a class as a 'community of philosophical enquiry'


·         Be equipped with specific evaluation and assessment techniques


·         Have experience of P4C as a participant, and be able to reflect on its process and effects


·         See how P4C can be applied in their specific contexts as well as in regard to whole-school and cross-curricular targets


·         Leave with a wealth of lesson and resource ideas and a refreshing ('enquiry and reflection') approach to learning and teaching 

They will also:

·                     Receive a handbook including sample resources, and Level 1 certification

·                     Receive help with planning their first 6 enquiries 

For an application form please contact us with your details. 



Level 2 Courses (Developing Practice and Theory)

Our Level 2 courses give educators who have followed up a Level 1 with at least 6 enquiries the opportunity to develop their practice in company with others on the same journey.

The course is 24 hours, and usually consists of 2 x 2 days, the first two of which can be taken without commitment to the second.

Those who complete the second two days and pass a 3000 word reflection on their subsequent practice qualify for a SAPERE-validated Level 2 certificate, which is pre-requisite for the Level 3 course and progression to being a registered P4/wC trainer.

Click here for further details about pre-requisites and certificates.



Other services 

Through its network of associates and its sister company,, DialogueWorks can offer a wide range of services and skills. 

These include keynote speakers of the highest quality on varying themes, from learning to learn and curriculum design, through to the challenges of management and dialogue within organizations.  

Roger Sutcliffe, the Director, is also a trained counsellor and brilliant mediator, who uses his thinking and communication skills to great effect in helping people solve problems and plan schemes.

Rates for services vary considerably, depending on the challenge and duration of the commission. Typically, a daily rate for group presentations will be in the range of £750 - £1500, but ...

Individual professional advice and support may be provided FREE in the first consultation with the Director (ring on 07775 942 009 if you might like to arrange this). Rates thereafter could be negotiated in a flexible way according to results. This service is offered in the confidence that Dialogue facilitated by DialogueWorks is second to none in its integrity and efficacy.

For further details, application forms and bookings:
Dialogue Works
11 West Street, Reigate, RH2 9BL
Tel: +44 (0)203 239 3352; Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For information about any of the trainers, please click here

For further details, application forms and bookings:
Dialogue Works
11 West Street, Reigate, RH2 9BL
Tel: +44 (0)203 239 3352; Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it