Our Purpose


DialogueWorks exists to promote Philosophical Teaching & Learning



A dialogical and virtue-valuing form of education which teachers can practise within all subject areas


An enquiry-based learning approach which is applicable in school and throughout life


A basis in over 40 years of P4C practice and worldwide evidence of its impact


A development of P4C into a complete pedagogy based on six central principles


A comprehensive supporting framework of Thinking Moves ©






Our Promise


We will adapt our programmes to meet our clients’ educational goals and settings


Teachers will benefit from a wiser and more rewarding style of teaching, based on new skills in enquiry and dialogue


Students, and their parents, will benefit from a deeper engagement with intellectual life, based on stronger, more independent thinking skills


Schools will benefit by providing a more rounded education, better suited to the work and leisure environments of the 21st century






Our Latest News

Roger Sutcliffe will be the keynote speaker at the Sunday May 27th 2018 launch conference of P4C China in Shanghai.  He will be speaking on Big Picture and Little Pixel Thinking - and will run a follow-up workshop on the same theme.  On Monday May 28th he will be hosting a full day school visit and mentoring session on the use of P4C in the IB Primary Years Program at SUIS Hongqiao school in Shanghai, with PYP co-ordinator Karen Mathieson.  On  Tuesday May 29th and Wednesday May 30th, he will be leading a P4C Advanced Facilitation training course, also at SUIS Hongqiao.  

For details and bookings, go to http://www.p4c.org.cn/en/About.aspx?ID=10995