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Storywise - Thinking Through Stories


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Storywise is a fascinating resource that harnesses the power of familiar stories to open up a space for children’s thinking. This publication, the Storywise Starter Pack, comes in two parts. The first is a Teachers’ Guidance Book of ideas and methods for leading children into high-quality thinking and dialogue about all kinds of stories. The second is an expandable starter-pack with Two Issues, a collection of ideas and photocopiable resources for use with more than 50 good quality picture books. Also included is a Web of Intriguing Ideas that teachers can use with many other stories, poems and pictures for all ages. More Storywise Issues and Intriguing Ideas will be available in the future.

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The Philosophy Club - An Adventure In Thinking

The Philosophy Club

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The Philosophy Club is an exciting new publication to stimulate young people aged 10 and upwards with photocopiable dialogues, games, thinking activities and many other starting points for philosophical enquiry. It has been designed with after-school clubs and summer schools in mind but could also be used in school lesson times. The publication includes comprehensive guidance on how to develop philosophical discussions and advice on how to set up and run a philosophy club. More material for The Philosophy Club will be available in the future.

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