Super Seminars

Super Seminars


Super Seminars was born out of a frustration with large conferences and ‘quick fix’ INSETS with little opportunity to question the lead speakers in depth, workshops that are too short to be really useful, and plenary sessions that have no sense of direction.

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Courses in P4/wC & Developing 4C Thinking


In the last 10 years, Dialogueworks has played a leading role in promoting Philosophy for/with Children, collaborating energetically with SAPERE, the national P4/wC charity, to establish a good and growing network of P4/wC tutors.

Roger Sutcliffe, its director, is diverting his energies for the next three years back to running open courses, at SAPERE Levels 1 and 2. He hopes to enthuse a new generation of teachers with what he has learnt himself about philosophical enquiry and about good 4C (Critical, Creative, Caring and Collaborative) thinking and learning in general.

His courses will continue to be innovative, encouraging teachers to treat themselves to a Friday/Saturday event, in which their minds are refreshed by creative enquiry and reflection, whilst their bodies can unwind in carefully chosen venues – at not much more than the standard course fee.


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Campaign for PSP

(Personal & Social Philosophy)

Since the late 1980s there have been many initiatives in the same broad field:

  • SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development)
  • PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Education) and Citizenship
  • SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning)
  • PLTS (Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills)

It is time to simplify the task – and timetables – of schools, by combining these vital elements into a single 'subject’ that provides more coherence and a greater prospect of permanence amidst continual change.

Philosophy has always been concerned with personal development (ethics/health) and social responsibilities (politics/citizenship), but also with how to think better and thereby learn better.

A level, RE and P4/wC teachers provide a strong foundation on which to develop a PLTS/PSP  curriculum for the 21st century.

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