DialogueWorks unites senior trainers in Philosophy for/with Children, and Critical and Creative Thinking.

Our consultants work with young learners and their teachers but also, increasingly, with adults - some of whom want to practise and stretch their own thinking for the fun of it, whilst others wish to develop creative 'communities of enquiry' in their workplace or local community. 

We model good practice in classrooms from nurseries to A-level Philosophy or Gifted & Talented students; organise and help to run conferences,  seminars and holiday retreats; do in-service work for Local Education Authorities, British and other European universities and schools.

We are arguably the only consultancy which addresses moral leadership, integrity, and schools as ethical organisations.

Our experience and expertise, unmatched in Britain, emphasises balance (in a reflection of dialogue): between the individual and the group; between the creative and the critical; between admirable qualities, such as open-mindedness and tenacity, or seriousness and humour; between body, mind and spirit; and, of course, work/life balance.

We publish unique resources for schools and run a wide variety of courses and projects for developing dialogue and philosophical enquiry.
For further information on how our courses link to the curricula in Wales, England, Northern Ireland & Scotland, please contact us.

For an article by Prof Dr Karin Murris at the School of Education, University of Wales, Newport, entitled 'Professional Wisdom and Ethical Decision Making in Education'. Click Here.