We provide all the services needed to implement successful Philosophical Teaching and Learning.  Recognising the importance of different educational strategies and cultural contexts, we help you tailor the programmes to your own requirements.  We work with local and international partners to integrate complementary approaches.  

The main elements of our offer are as shown below.  Some of our services are still under development and will become available during 2018.  Please contact us for more information on service availability.

We work with individual schools, school groupings or educational system leaders to design Philosophical Teaching & Learning programmes and entire curricula.  Covering any age range from early years to further education, we tailor the programmes to our clients' educational goals and contexts.  Our deliverables include overall programe plans, trainer guides, teacher and student handbooks as well as age-specific schemes of work and lesson plans.  We will work on a fixed or variable fee basis depending on requirements.

As an example of such work, Roger Sutcliffe, one of DialogueWorks' directors, designed the Cambridge International GCSE course in Global Perspectives in 2013. This is now so successful that a Primary version of it is being launched in June 2018. 


We provide professional development support in all aspects of Philosophical Teaching & Learing.  Our services include in-school training for teams of up to 25 teachers per cohort, train-the-trainer courses and individual coaching and mentoring.  Our fees are based on the number of days training and support required.


We provide P4C Foundation, Advanced Facilitation and P4C Leadership teacher training, delivered by some of the most experienced and respected P4C trainers in the field.  Our P4C trainers are accredited by SAPERE, the UK's leading P4C training organisation.  

Our 2-day P4C Foundation training course covers the key building blocks of P4C practice and equips teachers to start facilitating philosophical inquiries with their students.  Our Advanced Facilitation training helps teachers extend their P4C skills, allowing them to push for more depth in their inquiries and to use P4C more flexibly to acheive specific learning goals.  Our P4C Leadership training course helps the nominated P4C Leader plan for progress and sustainability in the school's overall P4C practice, as well as giving them guidance on supporting less experienced colleagues.  Pricing is on a per course basis for cohorts of up to 25 teachers, and within the UK, is typically around £2,500 for a 2-day course.



We provide bespoke in-school implementation support for schools seeking to build a high quality P4C practice.  We can assist with skills builiding through lesson observations, co-teaching and best practice demonstrations.  We can assist the senior leadership team plan for the integration of P4C into the school's teaching and learning strategy, as well as its values and ethos.  We can help department heads and subject teachers incorporate P4C into relevant parts of the broader curriculum.  We can provide advice and mentoring for the P4C leader as the practice develops.  Pricing is on a per day basis.

We have a wealth of teaching resources, inquiry plans, practice tips and inquiry stimulus suggestions, built up over 25 years of hands-on experience in philosophical inquiry.  We will send a regular supply of such resources to our client schools and education providers.  We will provide these as on-line feed which teachers can access directly in the classroom, mitigating the need for time consuming searches for appropriate materials.  Schools will be able to integrate our on-line feed into their Virtual Learning Environments or web pages, ensuring that they have a constantly up-to-date resource pool.  Pricing will be on a subscription basis, with an indicative cost for a school with 25 users being around £250 per year.


The DialogueWorks team has a successful track record of developing and managing organisations and projects delivering training and support in Philosophical Teaching & Learning and P4C.  We make this experience available to client organisations who want to develop their own training and support capabilities.  Our support includes strategy development, sales and marketing advice, operational capabilities, systems specification and website development.  We offer this support as a consultancy service, usually on a fixed fee for an agreed scope of work.



Based on our experience managaing multiple research studies, we help our client schools set up processes to evaluate the progress of individual teachers and the organisation as a whole in its implementation of Philosophical Teaching & Learning and P4C, and to assess the teaching and learning outcomes of these approaches.  Typically these process will involve a high degree of self-assessment, but we are also able to provide externally validated accreditation where required.  We offer these services on a consultancy or subscription basis depending on the nature of the support offered.



We believe passionately in the benefits of practice sharing between schools adopting Philosophical Teaching & Learning.  In particular, we encourage international practice sharing as it gives teachers and students the motivation and reinforcement of being part of a global community of like-minded people.  We facilitate such practice sharing through our website, through social media groups and, where requested, through school-to-school links.  At a more local level, we can help schools structure and organise peer-group practice sharing events such as Philosothons.  In general, we do not charge a fee for facilitating such practice sharing.


We will work with any organisation, anywhere in the world, as long as it subscribes to the principles and values of Philosophical Teaching and Learning.  


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